WHM/Cpanel Tips

I recently switched from Debian Squeeze/Cherokee webserver back to a more typical VPS setup with CentOS/WHM/Cpanel. Cpanel does make it easy to manage many sites… but it can make other common tasks a bit more difficult. For example, I could not get git to install until I found out that cpanel disables perl upgrades. (Thanks Nick! http://www.cmdln.org/2010/05/07/install-git-on-centos-cpanel-server/)

Nick’s suggested command worked like a charm.

yum --disableexcludes=main install git

My next problem was that I don’t want to use the default document root for all of my sites. In cherokee you can easily set the document root for each vhost through their admin interface. Not so, with cpanel. After a bit of searching I found that you can edit individual vhosts here:


After editing run:

/scripts/ensure_vhost_includes --user=$username